Zarate-Campana Port

PORTS Zárate – Campana Port Zárate: The city has a significant commercial activity and numerous industries, among which we can mention: the paper, chemical and brewing. Also houses an automotive industry located towards the northern boundary of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires.  There are three private terminals and

Villa Constitución Port

PORTS Villa Constitución Port Villa Constitución is a city in Argentina and belongs to Santa Fé province, 51 kilometers in the south of Rosario. It has a deep water port which makes it ideal for deep-draft vessels. B&G Maritime was established in the city of Buenos Aires in July

Santa Fé Port

PORTS Santa Fé Port The Port of Santa Fe is located in the heart of the waterway Paraguay – Paraná (Paraná River 584 km), the last overseas port operations suitable for ocean going vessels.   Its strategic location makes it suitable for transport nodes link land-ocean-river, allowing the development

San Nicolas Port

PORTS San Nicolas Port It is located on the Paraná River and is a port of overseas and domestic. It’s Pier of 549 mts. long and outstanding operating platform of 40 meters wide, with a resistance of 3 tons per m2.  The average depth is 30 feet to 0,

San Lorenzo Port

PORTS San Lorenzo Port Located within the “San Lorenzo Port Complex – Puerto General San Martí­n”, which covers all shipping terminals and docks between the 435 and 459 km of the Paraná River, which at the same time integrate the main port area of the country known as the

Rosario Port

PORTS Rosario Port Located on the banks of the Parana River in the south of the province of Santa Fe (Argentina’s most important financial, industrial & commercial and center). It also acts as a central node for the entry and exit of cargo traffic. Terminal Puerto Rosario provides services

Nueva Palmira Port

PORTS Nueva Palmira Port The port of Nueva Palmira is located on the left side of the Uruguay river, at the Km 0. There are three berths suitable for ocean going vessels, from north to south: Ontur Terminal: a multipurpose private operated terminal is suitable for reefer and bulk

Necochea-Quequén Port

PORTS Necochea – Quequén Port Necochea is a city located in the Atlantic coast of the Buenos Aires province . It has an important port on the end of the river Quequén Grande and its encounter with the Argentine Sea.  The main economic activity is provided by the Port

Montevideo Port

PORTS Montevideo Port Montevideo Port, situated on Uruguay’s southern coastline, is a bustling maritime hub renowned for its strategic location and efficient operations. Handling over 1.5 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of containerized cargo annually, the port serves as a pivotal gateway for international trade in the region. With

Mar del Plata Port

PORTS Mar del Plata Port Mar del Plata is a city and port located in the Argentine Sea coast in the southeast in the province of Buenos Aires. The main activities include the port and tourism industry. The port of Mar del Plata is an artificial harbor enclosed by