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Favorable weather accelerates the soybean harvest

Due to favorable weather conditions, the soybean harvest is progressing.

The soybean harvest has progressed to cover 77.9% of the national area, with yields stabilizing around the 2017/21 average in NOA but below average in NEA due to stress conditions. In central-east Entre Ríos and central Buenos Aires, yields are above average, with projections at 50.5 million tons.

Corn harvesting progressed by 2.8%, with early plantings yielding better due to disease resistance. The early corn harvest is complete in Núcleo Norte and Entre Ríos, with national yields averaging 81.9 quintals per hectare and a projected production of 46.5 million tons, 9.5 million more than last year.

Sorghum harvest is 42% complete, with an average yield of 44.3 quintals per hectare, expected to be the highest since 2016/17. The production projection remains at 3.5 million tons, 1 million more than the previous campaign.